Join us in #redhat-cpe on Freenode

tl;dr; join us in #redhat-cpe on Freenode!

Many moons ago, Red Hat merged the CentOS infrastructure team with the Fedora Infrastructure team, into a team known as "Community Platform Engineering" (CPE). Most of the individuals on the combined team have mostly continued to focus on the project they were assigned to before the merger, but as time has gone by we have looked for opportunities to collaborate more.

I recently observed that we had been using internal communications to communicate about collaborative projects between CentOS and Fedora infrastructures, rather than public forums. This happened mostly because we've long had internal methods for communicating, and because the collaboration is not particular to either community, so using #fedora-admin on Freenode didn't seem particularly proper either, for example.

Thus, this week we have established the #redhat-cpe channel on Freenode as a place for our team to communicate openly about the collaborative efforts we are engaged in. Join us there if you are interested in helping us bring CentOS and Fedora closer together!