One week in

I finished my first week on the Fedora Engineering team and it was wonderful. My first week happened to correspond with the FAD Cloud WG 2016 meeting in Raleigh, so I had a chance to meet a lot of Fedora people and spend late nights learning useful bash hacks. Aside from the FAD, this week I:

  • Became bowlofeggs everywhere, instead of being bowlofeggs in some places and rbarlow in others. Sadly I will lose my FAS badges, but that's just incentive for me to earn them back!

  • Worked with Kushal Das to get vagrant-digitalocean packaged and reviewed in Fedora so Vagrant users can now Vagrant up DO boxes.

  • Worked with Dusty Mabe to get another Vagrant plugin added to Fedora, vagrant-sshfs. It's a handy replacement for using NFS or rsync to get the code you are working on into the dev VM. We haven't gotten it accepted yet, but be on the lookout because it's a useful plugin.

  • Got a Bodhi development environment set up on my laptop. I haven't done much yet, but I'm becoming familiar with the codebase. Hopefully next week I'll find a nice "low hanging fruit" ticket to get started with.

  • Created a new @erlang Copr group for the Erlang SIG to use. We plan to use it with Copr to provide newer versions of Erlang packages like ejabberd to our users, in case they'd like to stay up to date with upstream.

Many thanks to the Fedora community for the warm welcome, and I look forward to what we will accomplish together!